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Cambridge City Council has worked successfully with various lettings agencies around the County for well over a decade. As part of Cambridge City Council, Townhall Lettings is constantly seeking to forge new partnerships with lettings agencies. We have a variety of schemes that we use to help people move to alternative accommodation such as:

  • Access scheme. This scheme can help people who need to move out of accommodation quickly move into an alternative accommodation by providing a loan for the first month's rent and/or the deposit for the move.
  • Rent top up scheme. This scheme is designed for people who are on lower incomes to afford a market rent. We can make top up payments for up to twelve months for single people and twenty-four months for families. Applicants to this scheme work with an employment advisor to increase their income for the duration of the top up award with the expectation that they will be able to afford the full rent without support by the end of the award period.
  • Guaranteed Rent. We are in the process of developing a guaranteed rent product especially for lettings agents, if you would like to know more about this, contact us today.
  • Free tenant support. If you have a great tenant that has had a change of income and find that all of a sudden they can no longer afford their rent, please get in touch us - we can offer tenant support, guidance and in some cases even financial assistance to help save the tenancy and guide them through a change of circumstances.