Natalia Hall

Supported Lettings Officer


Natalia Hall's role is to provide support to Townhall Lettings' tenants, assisting with a wide variety of tasks to ensure tenants sustain their tenancies. Natalia brings over ten years of experience in providing advice and support to customers across the country on Housing, Benefits and Council Tax. Natalia has been part of Townhall Lettings for a few months but has already made a real difference to the team, managing to successfully sustain tenancies for all new tenants referred to her. Natalia's passion is to help make people's lives better and already there have been some excellent success stories, real tenants whose circumstances have improved significantly as a direct result of Natalia's support.

Natalia's primary goal is to empower her clients and to equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully manage their tenancy.

Random fact: I can't say no to a cup of coffee...